Here are just a few of the many Holiday Health & Racquet Club success stories!


Mark Roberts 

"My goal was to lose about 25 poounds, so far, I've lost 28 pounds, but more importantly, my pant size has gone down and my shirt size has gone up. My bench press is up about 35% from where I started and it keeps moving up. My energy level is out of this world.


I would definitely recommend the Holiday Health and Racquet Club because of the help you get, the friendly atmosphere, and the great selection of equipment. I'm not going to stop now, because every month I see more gains."


Weight loss and muscle gain Weight loss and muscle gain

Amy Perrin 

"I got ready for my best friends wedding in ten weeks! With a little personal training and eating right, my weight dropped 10 pounds (136 to 126), I lost 9 ½ inches, and my body fat went down 10 percentage points. My energy level went the other direction - straight up!"

Personal Training Results

Goals achieved Goals achieved

Kickboxing Results

Holly Douglas 

"I’ve reached my original goal. I feel much stronger and I have much more energy and endurance." (Holly cross trains with weights, elliptical trainer, pilates, and kick boxing and has lost 30 lbs.) -- Her mom says "she loves this place"

Father & Son - Frank Scatena Jr. & Sr. 


Frank Jr.: "I've gained 40 lbs. of muscle, doubled my strength, and I felt a lot more confident. My work out has helped with my football game." Frank Sr.: "I've achieved my goal by losing 15 lbs. and gaining strength. I've also lost 2 inches off my waist."

Fitness Training Results

Father and Son Father and Son

John Lucas

"I've lost 30 pounds, and I've added 50 pounds to my bench. I feel better and stronger and my soccer game has shown the results in punting, throwing, and even reaction time."

Fitness Results

Chuck Ney 

"When I started my program I was 110 lbs. Heavier. Now I feel great with more energy and more strength. The racquetball has been a big factor with weight loss, cross training, and with my fitness program. It's also a lot of fun."

Racquetball Benefits at the Holiday Health & Racquet Club

Cross training with Racquetball and Gym Cross training with Racquetball and Gym

Patty Logan 

"Since I started out at the Holiday Health and Racquet Club I feel 100% better plus I feel healthier and stronger. I've lost 22 pounds."

Fitness Results

Frank McCoy 

"I was 247 pounds when I first started over a year ago, and now I am down to 215 pounds; I now have a good chance to get into arena football league where I was recently asked to try out. I owe everything to Bob and his staff for getting me in the physical and mental condition that I need in order to perform at the next level. Thank you for everything."

Personal Training Results

Arena football candidate Arena football candidate